My First Book is on the Way!

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A beautiful book written about the trials and tribulations of kids of active military members. Their journeys are unique but they are never alone. Brats around the world will be able to relate and to join in the song that was written before the book was created.

Miss Laura has a book coming out soon! Get Excited! I’m very Excited about this. It’s been a long time coming. I turned my very first original song into a book that children can read and sing-a-long to. The best part is that in my illustrator search, I found a beautiful woman who lived the life of an Air Force Brat!  She knew just what I was hoping to bring out in my song. My favorite part about her her pictures is that they tell a story that brings out her family memories, adventures and so much more. The softness she created in the watercolor brings out the calm that is present in the storm of military life. When parents serve, their children serve in their own way. They become little American ambassadors in foreign countries, they learn about the world outside of where their family is from. At times they feel they must always be ‘good’, which is a tough load on a kid. But the experience in the end keeps them in the Brat club, and they represent! Army Brat! Navy Brat! Marine Brat! Air Force Brat! Wild Child Brat! Carry on and Carry the title proudly! So, please share to any military families, friends, and organizations who are close to or work with Military families. Thanks!