Miss Laura’s Messages and Updates

Hello Families,
Since we paused classes in July, I have missed you all so much. Thanks for your patience while my shoulder heals up here. On a positive note, I can almost touch my ears! That’s a big improvement! 😉
My excitement for classes to begin is well known to those who know me. The planning for the fall has led me to realize that I need to increase my prices.
I need to catch up with the times in order to provide great equipment, supplies and our wonderful classroom space.
Please take note that starting in October, class prices will be as follows:
$12 per music & gym class per child over 12months of age
At this time I would like to announce my Back to School Sale.
Now is the time to get your cards at the current price before the prices go up on October 1st. 
If you currently have a card, you will still be able to use all the punches. Your card will not be affected in any way.
Thank you so much for understanding and for supporting my small business. I greatly appreciate it!
Gym & Music Classes.jpg
New Prices:
Starting October 1st, Classes will be $12 each per child over 12 months.
Buy a 10 punch card for $109 and one of the classes is free.
buy a 20 punch card for $204 and three of the classes are free.
Please let me know if you have any questions.