Military Child, That’s Me!

Is your child a Military Brat?

Is your child a Military Brat? Let Miss Laura know and she will gift them with her ‘Military Child, That’s Me’ t-shirt and music CD. In her original songs, she reflects on the experiences children have as they live the military lifestyle. The t-shirt represents her first song as a writer for military children.

Her book ‘Yes, I Am a Military Child’ is a warm-up to wearing the badge of honor that connotes affection and respect. It’s also a sing-along to two of the songs on her music CD. Scan below to listen. Check out Miss Laura’s special ‘Military Child, That’s Me!’ t-shirts. You can order more with the below.

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Here is a brand new resource “Celebrate Military Kids!” A series of units and lessons celebrating military children. Each lesson builds upon the previous, allowing you to understand what it is like to be a military child. The teacher’s guide will walk you through units that focus on military life as seen through a child’s eyes. Using five exciting units, five hands-on crafts, a fitness plan, coloring pages and a performance plan, students will be able to connect with military life in various ways. Use with the CD Miss Laura & the Military Brats and this book, Yes! I am a Military Child.











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Military Brat is a term we’ve all heard before. This refers to children of military families. A brat often wears the name as a badge of honor because of the moves, stressors, and cultural experiences that make them more resilient than their civilian counterparts. In her military story time, the author asked parents what they thought about their children being called brats. According to parents, very young children don’t really fit the definition of a brat. She brought the term ‘Military Child’ to life through her music, stories, and books. It’s a warm-up to the badge of honor implied by the title, not an attempt to hide the fact that these children are brats.











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