Guidelines for a Great Experience

 Miss Laura’s Preschool Programs is owned and operated by Laura Ackerman, a MN Licensed Teacher, BS, El Ed, Wellness & Fitness. She  has 25+ years of experience teaching in early childhood education, education, health, & wellness. Laura has taught children around the world and is so happy to bring her classes back to her home town.

  • Children 5 and Under (with a parent or adult) are welcome.
  • Wear comfortable clothing to fit the class you are attending.

Miss Laura’s Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Caregivers participate with children. See #5 below.
  2. 3 Feet Please. work to stay within 3 feet of your child during the class. (Running is a little different as yours may be a fast runner.)
  3. Please use your phone for pictures, but don’t let it distract you. (Please hare your pics with me. If you don’t mind, I would love to share them on my social media.)
  4. Miss Laura is the leader. Copy Miss Laura, as parents need to participate just as much as the kids! Your child NEEDS to see YOU participate! Move and Groove and get into in! Miss Laura is all about fun and learning for everyone! This gives ‘tiny-them’ the permission to enjoy the class! (Miss Laura understands you may have babe #2 & or #3 in your arms or in a stroller, participate as much as possible with your child-on-the-move!)
  5. Miss Laura is not a disciplinarian. I will do my best to guide your child to follow and participate. I use a lot of creative language to help them think things through. The rest is up to you. If your child does not participate it does not mean that they ‘hate the class’. It means they need to be given the chance to ‘warm-up’ to the class. Did you know that there is a ‘Third Class Charm’ that happens? By the third class, your child will know the routine and will be more comfortable. *You just have to give them the chance*.
  6. Suggestions on ‘How to give them a chance’:
    1. Go softly and quietly to the side of the classroom with them and watch for awhile, pointing out the things that are going on while you are watching.
    2. Stay engaged in what is happening in class.
    3. Step out of the room and come back after a bit. This let them see more of the experiences that’s in store for them when they are a bit more comfortable.
    4. Leave any frustration out in outer-space somewhere. Fitness, stories & music are stress relieving, but I know toddlers aren’t.
    5. Encourage your child to see the good in things, and try not to bring to light ‘what they aren’t doing’. They will do things eventually. Sometimes they sit on the side through the whole class, then go home and lead a complete class with their stuffed animals! Kids are amazing! They soak things in when we think otherwise!

Come Run, Jump, Sing, Dance, Move and Play!

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