Guidelines for a Great Experience

 Miss Laura’s Music & Movement is owned and operated by Laura Ackerman, a MN Licensed Teacher, BS, El Ed, Wellness & Fitness. She  has 30+ years of experience teaching in early childhood education, education, health, & wellness. Laura has taught children around the world and is so happy to bring her classes back to her home town.

  • Children 5 and Under (with a parent or adult) are welcome.
  • Wear comfortable clothing to fit the class you are attending.

Miss Laura’s Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Children participate in activities with caregivers. See #5 below.
  2. 3 Feet Please. While your child is in class, try to stay within three feet of them. Runners may be fast, so running may be a little different.
  3. Please use your phone to take pictures, but don’t let it distract you. (Please share your pictures with me. I’d love to share them on my social media.)
  4. The leader is Miss Laura. Parents need to participate just as much as children, so copy Miss Laura! Children need to see you participating in activities! Get into it by moving and grooving. All of Miss Laura’s classes are fun and educational. Your participation allows ‘tiny-them’ to enjoy class (Miss Laura understands that you may have baby #2 or #3 in your arms or in a stroller. Please participate as much as possible with your child-on-the-go!)
  5. Laura does not discipline her students. My goal is to guide your child to follow and participate in the activity. In order to help them think things through, I use a lot of creative language. Let’s leave the rest to you. Do not assume that your child hates the class because he or she does not participate. The students need to be given the opportunity to ‘warm-up’ to the class. Did you know that ‘Third Class Charm’ can happen? Once your child has completed the third class, he or she will know the routine and will feel even more comfortable. It’s just a matter of giving them a chance.
  6. Here are some suggestions on how to give them a chance:
    1. Observe for a while from a side of the classroom with them, pointing out what you notice.
    2. Keep your attention on what is going on in class.
    3. Take a moment to step out of the room and then return. By doing this, they will have a better idea of what they can expect once they are more familiar with the environment.
    4. If you’re frustrated, leave it out in outer space. The benefits of exercise, stories, and music are stress-relieving, but I know toddlers aren’t.
    5. Don’t focus on what your child isn’t doing, and rather encourage them to see the good in things. There will be a time when they will do things. They sometimes sit on the side of the class, then go home and teach a complete class with their stuffed animals. Children are amazing! Even when we don’t think so, they soak up everything!

Come Run, Jump, Sing, Dance, Move and Play!

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