Military Friendly

Miss Laura’s Preschool Programs is Military Friendly.

Is your child a Military Brat? Past or Present?

Come to Miss Laura’s classes and let her know and she will honor your child(ren) with her ‘Military Child, That’s Me!’ T-shirt w/super-hero cape on back. You will also receive her brand new album ‘Miss Laura and the Military Brats’. Her songs are original and reflect on experiences she and her family had while living a military lifestyle.

Watch Military Child Story Time Here

The album is available for download on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and more!


”Miss Laura and the Military Brats”
Laura Jo Ackerman has created a delightful music album about Military Brats for Military Brats. Brats are expected to move a lot, make new friends, start new schools and readjust to new surrounding during the time their parent(s) serve in the United States Military. This is an album that celebrates the excitement of the changes, it relates to feelings and emotions that occur and encourages families to stick together through thick and thin. Laura is a retired Navy wife who raised two boys during her husband’s service. She is also a teacher who dedicated her time to the young families on bases in Japan & Great Lakes Illinois. Support comes in many different ways for families and Laura offered family friendly adventures and experiences in music, fitness and literacy. Laura’s songs are all original and written by her.

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